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Recent Testimonials

I came to therapy with severe anxiety symptoms always catastrophising and thinking about the worst in every situation. Now I am feeling much less anxious and very seldom catastrophising. I am feeling much more at piece with my emotion and can relax easily than before. The biggest things I gain from this process are the tools that I learned from Dr Ibrahim to help with my mental health. Dr. Ibrahim is one of the most caring people I ever met. He cares about me and always willing to listen. The knowledge that I learned from him is invaluable for the rest of my life and I am grateful that I met him. I will highly recommend him to everyone. I feel like talking to a friend that I can share everything with without any judgement. Even with the most troubling issues that I have.All in all the therapy I have with Dr. Ibrahim has helped me grow tremendously as a human being , a father and a husband and I would highly recommend him. Written by F. M., December, 2022.

I remember preparing for my first therapy session with Ibrahim on June 2nd earlier this year... At that point, I was living with severe anxiety and mild depression. I was living alone, away from my family. I had gone through a long-term relationship break up and was feeling lost, exhausted and hopeless. In just 20 sessions, over a 4-5 month period, Ibrahim helped me to learn to cope with anxiety. He helped me to understand my core values and what is most important to me in life. He supported me whilst moving back to live in my home city where I grew up. He supported me whilst getting back into dating after going through a breakup. He showed me a better, healthier perspective on going through life and dealing with my thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviour through his expertise in giving Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

He taught me to accept and embrace all of life's ups and downs. To allow all my thoughts and feelings to pass through me without judgement or resistance. I cannot begin to tell you how calming and empowering this is!
I sit here, today, writing this review feeling content and happy... the 'old me' is back. I feel great in my own skin. I appreciate my uniqueness, my strengths and also my vulnerabilities.

I know that life will continue to pose threats and challenges, the difference is that now I feel equipped to deal with them, and I am no longer alone and far away from my core values. Written by A.J, October, 2022.

Working with Dr. Ndabavunye is a breath of fresh air. He truly works to understand the core areas of therapy needed, he provides extremely clear guidance, and continuously gives you confidence you need, to achieve your therapy goals. He’s also an extremely nice person to work with, who genuinely shows he cares about you as a person, and I could not recommend him enough. Best therapist I’ve personally ever worked with. Written by P.H, September, 2022.

I have had the pleasure of being supported by Dr Ibrahim for around 8 months. When I started therapy with him, I had feelings of hopelessness, sadness, inability to function and overall I wasn’t myself.

Before starting therapy, I tried to carry on but it got to a point where I needed help. My work was the trigger for feeling low and really stressed. My referral was dealt with quickly and informatively. I was introduced to Dr Ibrahim through the chat where I could see his profile and also chat to calm any concerns I had about starting.

On my first session, Dr Ibrahim was kind, calm and reassured me that therapy was a safe space where I could talk and be heard. I felt calm and heard and relaxed, that my issues were going to be worked through and support was there. During my 8 months of therapy with him, I have completed various interventions.

Dr Ibrahim always assessed my situation and offered / provided in depth interventions he felt that would help. I completed CBT and other therapies.

Dr Ibrahim provided me with acronyms to remember to support me when my thinking errors popped up, which have helped me more than I can say. He showed my how my mind was a bully and how to overcome it - how amazing is that? He provided me with homework each week. Whereby I used each intervention he provided and I noticed huge changes. Within a few weeks I was feeling better.

Alongside weekly sessions, Dr Ibrahim also checked in on me via the chat function to ensure that all was well as weeks passed. This was a great part of the therapy. I felt the door was always open if I ever needed support and found this a real comfort. Dr Ibrahim is a great psychologist and has helped me more than I can explain.

After 8 months (30 sessions) I am ready to be discharged and carry on life after therapy, I feel really well and happy - equipped with the tools / practices and interventions to use and keep my mind well. Thank you Dr Ibrahim for all your support over these last 8 months, you have been amazing. Finally, to anyone reading this - you are in safe hands with Dr Ibrahim, Written by A.F, August, 2022.

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